Jumat, 13 April 2012

Marketing Strategy                                                                              

Talking about marketing , I have experience for ten years from the bottom until top manager .                            I wanna  write few tips for you , in this case I wish even thought only a little bit but it would be use full.               

1.Before we want to start one business , we must know first who to be market sales for our product .                2.We must look in the market , who our competitor and how much market sales they have .                              3.Make visible study to the market and  analysis it so can prepare anything to start your business.                      4.After that you must to see how much profitable your business , if you think it has chance to get profit so why not , go ahead !                                                                                                                                              
* How to build your business ?  Important things :                                                                                                
   1. Create your trust building need some time but you ought to do !                                                                    2. Create your brand image , so you always in positive thinking !                                                                      
Note : For further You can ask me later .                                                                                                                    

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